About Natural Calamities

December 20, 2008

Natural Calamities

God loves the human beings very much.  Because of His great love, God created a place called Earth where His children can live harmoniously and dwell to their surrounding.  But not all the times God shows His love to us, sometimes He also become angry too. God may creates some natural calamities in which it teaches the people for them to do good things in the nature.  In short, natural calamities show us the signs that people should stop bad things and to have some changes to themselves.  But what are the causes and effects of the natural calamities which affects the entire globe?

There are so many natural calamities which we are experiencing.  An example of this here in the Philippines are flashfloods and land slides.  The main cause why there are flash floods and landslides it is because of unstoppable illegal logging of trees in the mountain.  It is because, there are no trees that will zip the water coming from rains also lack of trees which will hold the soil.  As a result, water coming up from the top of the mountain will flashily go down to the nearest town making flash floods or sometimes a mudslide which sometimes results to bury alive persons.  An examples of this was the event happened to the city of Ormoc, Leyte where about more or less five thousand men and women died due to flash flood.  Also, the recent event happened  in St. Bernard, Southern Leyte where the whole barangay was buried down that cause more or less one thousand missing people and a devastating eighty persons died

Devastating landslide in Ormoc, Leyte

Devastating landslide in Ormoc, Leyte

Volcanic Eruption is also the one of the natural calamities in which it may kill thousands of innocent lives.  We never know when will a volcano will erupt, but some government agencies like PHIVOLCS (Philippine Volcanology and Seismology) watches the performance of the different volcanoes in the Philippines.  The give signs whether a volcano shows activities.  The Mount Pinatubo became well – known in the entire globe for its enormous and one of the most disastrous eruption on July 1991.  It is recorded that its ashes traveled and scattered around the world.  It is said that the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo is caused by high intensity earthquake that shook Manila last 1990.  Because of the earthquake, the fault lines of Mt. Pinatubo, or the Sleeping Volcano which is inactive for about 400 years, cracked.  As an effect of the eruption, many towns in Zambales where disappeared.  Different houses were covered by volcanic ashes for about 20 meters down below.  There are also people who died like the tribe of the Aetas. There are also lots of livestocks that were gone during the Mt. Pinatubo eruption.

In order to ensure that we still want to live in Earth, we should always pray to God.  Thanked him for the things that He gave us an we should never forget ask His forgiveness on the bad things that we did and also give a promise that we will not do it again.


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