About Water cycle and processes

December 20, 2008

Water Cycle and Processes

Water Cycle

Water Cycle

Water is essential to our life. Imagine our world without water, how living things will survive? Water is very important source of life in order for us to live. It is why other people says that we should conserve water because water is so beneficial to human being. But do we all know where water comes from? Where are our used water go? How does the water cycle takes place?

I still remember what my Science elementary teacher discuss about “Water Cycle”. She said that the water in the oceans and seas was been evaporated through the use of sunlight. Water particles became a gas particles and also became a liquid particle which we all known as clouds. Clouds will travel to the atmosphere, gathering enough or sufficient water particles. This process is known as condensation. Then, when the clouds could not carry its stored water, rain took place. This process is known as precipitation. Rain will took place especially in the mountains. The water coming from the mountain will go down through different streams until it reaches the ground water storages (for example a dam) where people will make it freshwater that can availably used in the rural and urban areas. After people use the water, it will be disposed and make a way until it reaches the seas and oceans again.

The “Water Cycle” will repeat again and again unless there are no people disturbed the system. I wish that all people should appreciate the importance of water in our daily lives. I wish that people can used it correctly and very conserve.


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