What is an angle?

December 20, 2008

What is an Angle?

An angle is a geometric figure formed by a pair of line segments meeting at a common point which called the vertex. It is generated by one of ray revolving about a fixed point on a stationary ray. The stationary ray is called the initial side while the revolving ray is called the terminal side.

The size of an angle may be expressed in two ways. It may be in degrees or in radian. Degree is an angle formed by a half – line rotated about its endpoint while radian as an angle formed by a half – line that has been rotated about its endpoint.

Angles also has many types which depends on its sizes. Acute angle are types of angle which measure between 0 degree – 90 degrees. Right angle is also a special type of angle which measure at exactly 90 degrees. While an angle measures at 91 degree – 179 degree. While an angle measured at 91 to 179 degrees is what you called an obtuse angle while the angles formed 180 – 360 degrees is called “reflex angle”


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