A Day before Christmas

December 24, 2008

Yipee! Today is December 24. It’s one day before Christmas. Here in the Philippines, we’re celebrating a important day for every Filipino in the country and around the globe which is called “Noche Buena“.

Noche Buena, often translated as “Good Night“, is a Spanish word referring to the night of Christmas Eve. Custom in Spain, the Philippines and Latin America dictates a traditional dinner with the family on this night.

In our country, Noche Buena usually comes after the entire family has attended a late evening mass. Often on the table are: lechón, pancit, fried chicken, lumpia, rice, adobo, among others for the main course; desserts include halo-halo, bibingka, rice cakes, puto bumbong, ice cream, pastries and cakes; drinks include soda, wine, beer, juice, and goat milk.

Since we’re talking about a day before Christmas.. Let me share to you a movie animation what just I watched ago, The Flight Before Christmas

The Flight Before Christmas is a movie about Niko, a reindeer boy in Lapland, who has heard that his father is one of the famous flying reindeers of Santa Claus. Niko dreams of being able to fly. His friend and mentor Julius, a squirrel, tries to keep an eye on the boy. One day Niko overhears how a pack of wolves plans to go to Santa’s place on Korva-fjell and eat all the reindeers there. Niko and Julius have a near escape from the dreadful pack and are joined by Vilma, the beautiful weasel. Chased by the wolves and their leader, the gruel Black Wolf, the three manage to get to the top of the mountain, where Santa resides. The Flying reindeer squad does not believe Nikos tale about the wolves nor that he is the son of one of them. But when the wolves finally arrive, Niko proves that he is fearless and therefore able to fly. Niko meets his proud father. The wolves are beaten and Santa leaves for his big ride on Christmas eve. He invites Niko into his troops of flying reindeers, but he refuses. Family and friends comes first.



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